A Little Research

As I no experience in filmmaking or compositing, I preferred to research some of the techniques that are used to understand how they work.

Visual Effects Breakdown

Hercules movies are filled with strange animals that cannot really exist. In this article, we are shown how these animals are given life. Green scenes are used a lot when working with VFX. It’s fun to know how VFX works and how it adds life to a scene. It will be very useful in compositing videos.

Motion Tracking

This video summarizes what motion tracking is and how is used. It, also, talks about the advantages, especially financial, of using motion tracking and 3D generated images over shooting the video in a real location. Learning this technique might be very helpful as it will allow us to recreate an environment where we might not be able to shoot.

Green Screen Tips, Tricks and Materials – Chromakey Tutorial

When working with visual effects or motion tracking, green screen is very efficient. This video shows how a green/blue screen works and gives tips on how to manipulate the screen.

As our video will not be for professional use, we can make our green screen at home itself. This way we can experiment with it without being afraid of damaging it.

How it works-stop-frame animation

This is a ‘behind the scene’ video which shows the different processes involved in making a professional stop motion video. Watching this video gave me ideas of material and techniques I can use to make a stop motion video. However, my video will not become as good as the one in the video because I have no experience in this field.


Rotoscoping seems to work similar to stop motion. It is an interesting technique;useful when we have to duplicate characters.Rotoscoping appears a little complicated compared to stop motion, but it will add nice vfx to a video.

Matchmove showreel

This video is made with a compilation of matchmove scenes.It has helped me understand what matchmove is. When combining animation and real life or replacing part of a scene(e.g. replacing face of stuntman by the actors face),matchmoving techniques help to blend the two so that the final video does not look odd.Understanding to manipulate matchmoving will help when creating a compositing video.

Colour Grading

Colours play an important role in conveying emotions.Understanding what colour grading is and how it works is important.Especially when using compositing techniques, we should know how manipulate the colours in the different parts that will make up our video, so that it does not look odd.

Lecture 1

The first lecture gave us a brief overview on what we will be doing and introduced us to the technical terms, based on which we would start our research.

Lecture 2

L2 helped me to understand what we need to do better. With the examples ,the type of work expected from us became clearer. Having a visual library , to help coming up with ideas and inspiration, is something new that I learn.

Lecture 3 

L3 is on storyboards.  This lecture gave us most of the information we needed to start drawing our storyboards. It also helped us to understand how a storyboard functions.




I’m Yashita. Currently in the second semester  of my first year in BA creative advertising and graphic design. This blog is going to be where I’ll record my process for the Digital Image Compositing 192 exercises, during the semester.