Final concept

While doing my animatic , I realised that my final video will not have much vfx and would become too long, therefore, I tried merging together the different concepts that I can up with while developing my concept and made some changes. The research that I have done to find inspiration at the beginning,  those on the different effects and my trials have helped me to come up the refined concept.

Changes made to the concept:

  • To make my video more interesting, I decided to use a giant flower instead of a giant tree. Also, to add more visual effects and fit it to the time frame to my video, I modified the concept again.
  • Now my character will now have magical powers. This will enable me to add more vfx.
  • The video will start with a gloomy environment ( idea came from concept refinement 1 & 2). This will make the storyline more interesting.

Final concept:

The video will start with a gloomy dark and monochrome forest. Then a fairy will come flying in with a strange green plant in her hand. She will put the plant on the soil and will cast a spell. This will turn the forest into a colorful one. The strange green plant will grow into a giant flower.

Vfx  that I will use:

  1. Smoke effects ( when the character will enter the scene).
  2. Glitter/Particle explosion ( the forest will metamorphose and the flower will grow).
  3. Spell casting effects( when the fairy will cast the spell).
  4. Disappearing to dust effect ( in the end when the character will disappear)

While working on the video I’ll add more effects,where required.

Other changes made:

Instead of using newspaper cut out to make my environment, I will make it on Photoshop.

Storyboard for refined concept:

20141029_17431020141029_174320 20141029_174338

I made a storyboard for the refined concept to help me in the realization of my final video.




These are the trials that I made for testing visual effects that I will use for my final video.

From the list of visual effects given on week 8, I chose the glitter explosion and wave effect. I chose to work on smoke effect as my third visual effect as I will not use the other effects from the list for my video. Here is a trial where I used this effect.

Glitter explosion effect

I used this effect to show the instant growth of my tree. I did two trial. Even if the effect is nice in the second on, the particles are too small and are sometimes invisible.

The third one is a trial that I did using a glitter deco tape and add effects available on after effects.The effect is nicer than the one in the previous videos but it lacks the explosion effect that there is in the first video.

Smoke effect

To test the smoke effect,I used the first scene of my animatic. The effect makes the scene more interesting however if the smoke moved more it will be nicer. When working on my final product I’ll make the smoke move more.

Ripple wave effect

I tried to add the wave effect in the metamorphosing tree scene. It add a nice effect to it but needs more work to make it look better.


Thess two video show how to make object float and fly. This will help me when making the scene where the seed flies.

This video shows how to create smoke effect. It is going to be helpful for the beginning of the video.

These 3 videos show how to create spell effect.

A tutorial on explosion creation on after effects. I can use this effect to show the immediate growth of the tree

This video talks about how to create minature effects.

This seems like an interesting effect to use for the magic scene in my video.

This is an effect that can be added to when the tree I growing. It will make the scene more interesting.

This video is shows how to animate characters using frame by frame image sequences. It shows how to make the animation more stable.

This is a video which shows how to use the puppet tool.This is going to be helpful when animating a still image.

A video which shows how to create the effect of growing vine. This will help when showing the effect of the growing plant.

In this video, we are shown how to use  mocha found on after effect which helps in tracking.

This video shows how to create an energy ball.

Concept Refinement

I need to modify my concept because it will not fit the time frame allocated. Also, in this concept the are not much compositing elements. I think if I add more magical elements it will make my video more interesting. This will allow me to make my plant grow  instantly, hence decreasing my video length.

Lectures and exercises

Chroma-Keying and Rotoscoping lecture

This lecture gives us a better idea about how, why and where chroma-keying and rotoscoping are used. It also talks about the ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s when doing chroma keying or rotoscoping. We are shown the proper way to use light when using green/blue screening.

Ex 1: When working with green objects a blue screen works better than a green screen. Working with chroma-keying and rotoscoping during the day gives a better final product because of natural light which creates a uniformity in shadows and bright parts on the different objects. When working with both techniques, we should make sure that the same kind of lighting is produced, even if we are working during the day. Rotoscoping is an useful technique but can prove to be more time consuming than chroma-keying. When working in a time constraint, chroma-keying might be better to use.

Tracking for compositing lecture

In this lecture we are introduced to 2D and 3D tracking. The differences and application of 2D and 3D tracking are discussed. Proper way of using tracking is discussed. It also talks about point tracking and how tracking helps to make rotoscoping simpler. Image stabilization is also discussed. The applications of tracking are shown.

Ex 2: When using chroma-keying or rotoscoping in a project , it is important to make sure that the objects moves together with the video. Therefore, it is important to use tracking in these situation. Tracking makes effects move along with object. This technique will be useful when I will add effects to my growing plant.

Special FX in Compositing

In this lecture aims at showing how visual effects work and how they are created. we are explained how visual effects decrease cost of production. It talks about how miniature , still images and matte painting can be used to create a composition.

Ex 3:

Glitter explosions : To create this effect, glitters can be filmed falling down or being thrown up using chroma-keying. A photo of a pile of the glitter taken, using the same technique  to act as the source of the explosion. Then on after effects with the scattering effect , position and rotation used to displace the glitters in the direction we want.

Audio wave ripple: For this technique, the radio wave effect available on after effect can be used. The size,displacement and velocity can be controlled to modify the wave and shape it the way we want. Also, rotation can be used to add slight movements to the wave.

Smoke effect: To recreate a smoke effect,we can either use a footage smoke filmed using chroma-keying or use particle effects available on after effects. Digitally reproducing the effect migth be safer and easier. To create a CG smoke effect we can add blur effects and turbulence effect to a particle playground effect.

Colour Grading

This is lecture talks about how to use colour grading. It gives details about the proper ways in applying colour grading. Compressed video will not have a proper light effect when colour graded. To have a nice light effect, when taking the original footage, the hue and saturation should be decreased. This way the graded footage will look nicer and can be manipulated more easily.

Typography in motion

This was an interesting lecture which showed us how typography is used in videos. It talks about how to use typography to make interesting intro. Also, it shows how images and typography can be used together to captivate viewers attention and deliver messages more effectively, like in the ‘Anatomy of a computer virus’. Compositing techniques can be used to make an interesting intro.

Common mistakes

This lecture gives us examples of mistakes that are commonly made by students. It summaries some of the mistakes that were discussed in the compositing fundamentals lectures. It will help us in refining our projects.




Here are some trials that I did:

Dancing figure

This is the first trial I did after doing my draft animatic. I made the figure on photoshop and add the movements on after effects. In this video I experimented with position and rotation. The movement can be made smoother, it will more interesting.

Flying bird

This is the animation of a flying bird made using image sequence.

Flying bird 2

This is the same flying bird but I made it move across the screen.

Moving Box

I did this after watching the tutorial. I think it will be interesting to make the characters move digitally because the action is smoother compared to a frame by frame sequence.

Green screening
This was my first trial with green screening.

Friborg, Mikkel. 2014. Lucky Town. blogspot: Mikkel Friborg.

Elegant light streaks
I think this effect will look nice to add to the growing tree.

This is also an effect that I think will fit in my story.