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This was one of the most interesting module take did this semester. It was full of new experiences. While undertaking this module, I not only learn how to manipulate a new software but also develop new learning techniques. Even though I had a nice time working on this module, it was not always easy.

My final concept for the video was to show colours and life coming back to a forest. I used a ‘playmobil’ fairy character to make the video. Before finalising the model I will used, I tried taking pictures of me and also making clay characters. I found a 3D model will work better with my concept. However, the clay characters dried too quickly and cracked when I tried to make them move, This is why I decided to use the playmobil character.

The playmobile is quite rigid.Making it move was a really challenge for me. The first trial that I made where I moved a character digitally worked fine, however, the trials afterward did not turn out very well. Thus, I started researching different ways to make  a character move. My friends told me about the puppet tool. I found the effect really nice so I made further research  and tried to use it. It worked better than only the position and rotation tools on after effect.

I used photoshop to make the environment of my video. It was easier than taking photos and modifying them. With photoshop it was easier to create the different layers and make the character move between them.

Testing different visual effects was the most interesting part of this module. It allowed us to experiment and become more at ease with the software.

The part that I found more difficult was to combine the different elements to make my video. I believe, it is because of my lack of experience with both the software and the module. Also, applying the visual effects to my video was not always easy. But with more practice, working on this type of assignment will be easier.

Working on this module was fun but with time constraints, I did not have as much time as I wanted to experiment with the software. Thanks to the exercises,  we were able to better plan our work and produce our final product.



This is my final video:


Pentonix, Lindsey Stirling and. 2013. Radioactive. youtube.

Trials ( video)

Development for first part of video:

At the beginning of the video, there will be a smoke effect fading out. I did several trials to find the best fading out effect.

In the first trials the smoke was fading too quickly, which make the scene appear as a slide show.

In this trial, the length of the scene provided a better fading out effect.  However, when rotation is applied to the effect , there is some smoke effect that comes in, when all the smoke is suppose to fade out.

When the opacity of the smoke effect is manipulated the fade out effect is more interesting and all the smoke fades out at the same time.

Development of last part of video:

For this part I used the wave effect that we worked previously. I modified it a bit so that it looks like a star. Also I added the light burst effect to emphasis more on the transition effect.

In this trial I removed the wave effect. It still looks nice. But the light burst effect gives an impression of increase in size, which creates a disruption in the flow of the video. (same problem in the previous trial)

The third trial for the last part of my video. In this trial I haven’t rotate the images. It gives a better transition effect compared to the previous ones.

In this trial I used only the light burst effect to show the transition. It is more interesting this way than with the coloured wave effect. However the colourful environment in the end needs some colour correction as it is too dull.

I tried to correct the colour of the last image in this trial.

Chosen one:

For the first part of the video,I will use the third trial I did.

I will use the trial which has only light burst effect and has been colour corrected for my last video.

Trials ( environment)

Development of video’s environment :

This is the development for the first part of my video.

  • This is the first image that I created. The trees are nice but the background is not appropriate. It lacks other elements that make it look like a forest.

       BACKGROUND 1   

  • The second one has more details but it is too dark and many of the elements do not stand out.Background 2 final   
  • The trees are of different shades which makes it more interesting. But the background is still a little too dark.

      BACKGROUND 1 final   

  • This is the last development for the image, the elements stand out and the scene looks like a dying forest.

     BACKGROUND 1 final2

Development of the metamorphosed background:

The development of the environment when it changes.

  • The trees are colourful, which makes the scene very interesting and on the contrasting dark background.

Background trial2

  • I changed colour of some of the trees and place them in the back. If they were of a darker shade it would give a better impression of depth.

Background 2 trial

  • The third trial is quite distorted. The effect of the soil is interesting but the additional effects on the bushes and their colours are not that pleasant to look at.Backgroung 3 trial
  • The drop shadow adds a nicer effect to the trees than the emboss effect.In this trial added a flower to act as the giant flower and all the  trees are blue. It looks nicer than the one with too many colours.

Colourful Backgroung trial 4

  • In this trial I made the trees in different colours , which are not as vibrant as the ones in the previous trials. I added the drop shadow effect to ellipse that make up the tree but it’s not that attractive.

Colour background refined

  • This trial is a refinement of the one above. In this one I removed the drop shadow effect from the ellipse. Instead I repeated the same circle several places to make the trees, which gives a nicer effect than the drop shadow.

Colour background refined 3

Chosen layout for video environment:

  • This will be the image that I will use for the dark and gloomy environment at the beginning of my video.

BACKGROUND 1 final2 

  • For the metamorphosed scene at the end of my video, I will use this environment.

Colour background refined 3

Trials (Puppet)

For my video, I wanted to use a clay puppet. I made three attempts using the proportions I learnt from in the cartoon drawing fundamentals research I made earlier.

.  IMG_4424

This is the first attempt I made. It was very basic with no eyes. Unfortunately,it dried too quickly due to the hot weather here and started to crack everywhere. Also the upper body was too big, therefore the it kept falling down.


This was the second attempt. It is better than the first one. But a bit out of proportion. The head was a bit deformed, so it eyes appeared to be constantly looking down. This also had so cracks while drying.


This is my third attempt to puppet making. This one became nicer than the rest. I added the coloured clay to make the clothes. It has a large base so it stands properly. Unfortunately, while drying the size shrinks and while moving the hands,they often come out. When they are put back on, their shape and size are modified. Hence, I have to take all my photos again. This becomes very time consuming, Therefore I decided to use a playmobil figure instead.


This is the playmobil figure that I will use as from now on to work on my video. Unlike the clay figure the playmobil’s shape will not change and there is less risk of breaking.