This was one of the most interesting module take did this semester. It was full of new experiences. While undertaking this module, I not only learn how to manipulate a new software but also develop new learning techniques. Even though I had a nice time working on this module, it was not always easy.

My final concept for the video was to show colours and life coming back to a forest. I used a ‘playmobil’ fairy character to make the video. Before finalising the model I will used, I tried taking pictures of me and also making clay characters. I found a 3D model will work better with my concept. However, the clay characters dried too quickly and cracked when I tried to make them move, This is why I decided to use the playmobil character.

The playmobile is quite rigid.Making it move was a really challenge for me. The first trial that I made where I moved a character digitally worked fine, however, the trials afterward did not turn out very well. Thus, I started researching different ways to make  a character move. My friends told me about the puppet tool. I found the effect really nice so I made further research  and tried to use it. It worked better than only the position and rotation tools on after effect.

I used photoshop to make the environment of my video. It was easier than taking photos and modifying them. With photoshop it was easier to create the different layers and make the character move between them.

Testing different visual effects was the most interesting part of this module. It allowed us to experiment and become more at ease with the software.

The part that I found more difficult was to combine the different elements to make my video. I believe, it is because of my lack of experience with both the software and the module. Also, applying the visual effects to my video was not always easy. But with more practice, working on this type of assignment will be easier.

Working on this module was fun but with time constraints, I did not have as much time as I wanted to experiment with the software. Thanks to the exercises,  we were able to better plan our work and produce our final product.



This is my final video:


Pentonix, Lindsey Stirling and. 2013. Radioactive. youtube.