Trials ( video)

Development for first part of video:

At the beginning of the video, there will be a smoke effect fading out. I did several trials to find the best fading out effect.

In the first trials the smoke was fading too quickly, which make the scene appear as a slide show.

In this trial, the length of the scene provided a better fading out effect.  However, when rotation is applied to the effect , there is some smoke effect that comes in, when all the smoke is suppose to fade out.

When the opacity of the smoke effect is manipulated the fade out effect is more interesting and all the smoke fades out at the same time.

Development of last part of video:

For this part I used the wave effect that we worked previously. I modified it a bit so that it looks like a star. Also I added the light burst effect to emphasis more on the transition effect.

In this trial I removed the wave effect. It still looks nice. But the light burst effect gives an impression of increase in size, which creates a disruption in the flow of the video. (same problem in the previous trial)

The third trial for the last part of my video. In this trial I haven’t rotate the images. It gives a better transition effect compared to the previous ones.

In this trial I used only the light burst effect to show the transition. It is more interesting this way than with the coloured wave effect. However the colourful environment in the end needs some colour correction as it is too dull.

I tried to correct the colour of the last image in this trial.

Chosen one:

For the first part of the video,I will use the third trial I did.

I will use the trial which has only light burst effect and has been colour corrected for my last video.


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