Trials ( environment)

Development of video’s environment :

This is the development for the first part of my video.

  • This is the first image that I created. The trees are nice but the background is not appropriate. It lacks other elements that make it look like a forest.

       BACKGROUND 1   

  • The second one has more details but it is too dark and many of the elements do not stand out.Background 2 final   
  • The trees are of different shades which makes it more interesting. But the background is still a little too dark.

      BACKGROUND 1 final   

  • This is the last development for the image, the elements stand out and the scene looks like a dying forest.

     BACKGROUND 1 final2

Development of the metamorphosed background:

The development of the environment when it changes.

  • The trees are colourful, which makes the scene very interesting and on the contrasting dark background.

Background trial2

  • I changed colour of some of the trees and place them in the back. If they were of a darker shade it would give a better impression of depth.

Background 2 trial

  • The third trial is quite distorted. The effect of the soil is interesting but the additional effects on the bushes and their colours are not that pleasant to look at.Backgroung 3 trial
  • The drop shadow adds a nicer effect to the trees than the emboss effect.In this trial added a flower to act as the giant flower and all the  trees are blue. It looks nicer than the one with too many colours.

Colourful Backgroung trial 4

  • In this trial I made the trees in different colours , which are not as vibrant as the ones in the previous trials. I added the drop shadow effect to ellipse that make up the tree but it’s not that attractive.

Colour background refined

  • This trial is a refinement of the one above. In this one I removed the drop shadow effect from the ellipse. Instead I repeated the same circle several places to make the trees, which gives a nicer effect than the drop shadow.

Colour background refined 3

Chosen layout for video environment:

  • This will be the image that I will use for the dark and gloomy environment at the beginning of my video.

BACKGROUND 1 final2 

  • For the metamorphosed scene at the end of my video, I will use this environment.

Colour background refined 3


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