Trials (Puppet)

For my video, I wanted to use a clay puppet. I made three attempts using the proportions I learnt from in the cartoon drawing fundamentals research I made earlier.

.  IMG_4424

This is the first attempt I made. It was very basic with no eyes. Unfortunately,it dried too quickly due to the hot weather here and started to crack everywhere. Also the upper body was too big, therefore the it kept falling down.


This was the second attempt. It is better than the first one. But a bit out of proportion. The head was a bit deformed, so it eyes appeared to be constantly looking down. This also had so cracks while drying.


This is my third attempt to puppet making. This one became nicer than the rest. I added the coloured clay to make the clothes. It has a large base so it stands properly. Unfortunately, while drying the size shrinks and while moving the hands,they often come out. When they are put back on, their shape and size are modified. Hence, I have to take all my photos again. This becomes very time consuming, Therefore I decided to use a playmobil figure instead.


This is the playmobil figure that I will use as from now on to work on my video. Unlike the clay figure the playmobil’s shape will not change and there is less risk of breaking.


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