These are the trials that I made for testing visual effects that I will use for my final video.

From the list of visual effects given on week 8, I chose the glitter explosion and wave effect. I chose to work on smoke effect as my third visual effect as I will not use the other effects from the list for my video. Here is a trial where I used this effect.

Glitter explosion effect

I used this effect to show the instant growth of my tree. I did two trial. Even if the effect is nice in the second on, the particles are too small and are sometimes invisible.

The third one is a trial that I did using a glitter deco tape and add effects available on after effects.The effect is nicer than the one in the previous videos but it lacks the explosion effect that there is in the first video.

Smoke effect

To test the smoke effect,I used the first scene of my animatic. The effect makes the scene more interesting however if the smoke moved more it will be nicer. When working on my final product I’ll make the smoke move more.

Ripple wave effect

I tried to add the wave effect in the metamorphosing tree scene. It add a nice effect to it but needs more work to make it look better.


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