Final concept

While doing my animatic , I realised that my final video will not have much vfx and would become too long, therefore, I tried merging together the different concepts that I can up with while developing my concept and made some changes. The research that I have done to find inspiration at the beginning,  those on the different effects and my trials have helped me to come up the refined concept.

Changes made to the concept:

  • To make my video more interesting, I decided to use a giant flower instead of a giant tree. Also, to add more visual effects and fit it to the time frame to my video, I modified the concept again.
  • Now my character will now have magical powers. This will enable me to add more vfx.
  • The video will start with a gloomy environment ( idea came from concept refinement 1 & 2). This will make the storyline more interesting.

Final concept:

The video will start with a gloomy dark and monochrome forest. Then a fairy will come flying in with a strange green plant in her hand. She will put the plant on the soil and will cast a spell. This will turn the forest into a colorful one. The strange green plant will grow into a giant flower.

Vfx  that I will use:

  1. Smoke effects ( when the character will enter the scene).
  2. Glitter/Particle explosion ( the forest will metamorphose and the flower will grow).
  3. Spell casting effects( when the fairy will cast the spell).
  4. Disappearing to dust effect ( in the end when the character will disappear)

While working on the video I’ll add more effects,where required.

Other changes made:

Instead of using newspaper cut out to make my environment, I will make it on Photoshop.

Storyboard for refined concept:

20141029_17431020141029_174320 20141029_174338

I made a storyboard for the refined concept to help me in the realization of my final video.



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