Trials ( video)

Development for first part of video:

At the beginning of the video, there will be a smoke effect fading out. I did several trials to find the best fading out effect.

In the first trials the smoke was fading too quickly, which make the scene appear as a slide show.

In this trial, the length of the scene provided a better fading out effect.  However, when rotation is applied to the effect , there is some smoke effect that comes in, when all the smoke is suppose to fade out.

When the opacity of the smoke effect is manipulated the fade out effect is more interesting and all the smoke fades out at the same time.

Development of last part of video:

For this part I used the wave effect that we worked previously. I modified it a bit so that it looks like a star. Also I added the light burst effect to emphasis more on the transition effect.

In this trial I removed the wave effect. It still looks nice. But the light burst effect gives an impression of increase in size, which creates a disruption in the flow of the video. (same problem in the previous trial)

The third trial for the last part of my video. In this trial I haven’t rotate the images. It gives a better transition effect compared to the previous ones.

In this trial I used only the light burst effect to show the transition. It is more interesting this way than with the coloured wave effect. However the colourful environment in the end needs some colour correction as it is too dull.

I tried to correct the colour of the last image in this trial.

Chosen one:

For the first part of the video,I will use the third trial I did.

I will use the trial which has only light burst effect and has been colour corrected for my last video.


Trials ( environment)

Development of video’s environment :

This is the development for the first part of my video.

  • This is the first image that I created. The trees are nice but the background is not appropriate. It lacks other elements that make it look like a forest.

       BACKGROUND 1   

  • The second one has more details but it is too dark and many of the elements do not stand out.Background 2 final   
  • The trees are of different shades which makes it more interesting. But the background is still a little too dark.

      BACKGROUND 1 final   

  • This is the last development for the image, the elements stand out and the scene looks like a dying forest.

     BACKGROUND 1 final2

Development of the metamorphosed background:

The development of the environment when it changes.

  • The trees are colourful, which makes the scene very interesting and on the contrasting dark background.

Background trial2

  • I changed colour of some of the trees and place them in the back. If they were of a darker shade it would give a better impression of depth.

Background 2 trial

  • The third trial is quite distorted. The effect of the soil is interesting but the additional effects on the bushes and their colours are not that pleasant to look at.Backgroung 3 trial
  • The drop shadow adds a nicer effect to the trees than the emboss effect.In this trial added a flower to act as the giant flower and all the  trees are blue. It looks nicer than the one with too many colours.

Colourful Backgroung trial 4

  • In this trial I made the trees in different colours , which are not as vibrant as the ones in the previous trials. I added the drop shadow effect to ellipse that make up the tree but it’s not that attractive.

Colour background refined

  • This trial is a refinement of the one above. In this one I removed the drop shadow effect from the ellipse. Instead I repeated the same circle several places to make the trees, which gives a nicer effect than the drop shadow.

Colour background refined 3

Chosen layout for video environment:

  • This will be the image that I will use for the dark and gloomy environment at the beginning of my video.

BACKGROUND 1 final2 

  • For the metamorphosed scene at the end of my video, I will use this environment.

Colour background refined 3

Trials (Puppet)

For my video, I wanted to use a clay puppet. I made three attempts using the proportions I learnt from in the cartoon drawing fundamentals research I made earlier.

.  IMG_4424

This is the first attempt I made. It was very basic with no eyes. Unfortunately,it dried too quickly due to the hot weather here and started to crack everywhere. Also the upper body was too big, therefore the it kept falling down.


This was the second attempt. It is better than the first one. But a bit out of proportion. The head was a bit deformed, so it eyes appeared to be constantly looking down. This also had so cracks while drying.


This is my third attempt to puppet making. This one became nicer than the rest. I added the coloured clay to make the clothes. It has a large base so it stands properly. Unfortunately, while drying the size shrinks and while moving the hands,they often come out. When they are put back on, their shape and size are modified. Hence, I have to take all my photos again. This becomes very time consuming, Therefore I decided to use a playmobil figure instead.


This is the playmobil figure that I will use as from now on to work on my video. Unlike the clay figure the playmobil’s shape will not change and there is less risk of breaking.


Final concept

While doing my animatic , I realised that my final video will not have much vfx and would become too long, therefore, I tried merging together the different concepts that I can up with while developing my concept and made some changes. The research that I have done to find inspiration at the beginning,  those on the different effects and my trials have helped me to come up the refined concept.

Changes made to the concept:

  • To make my video more interesting, I decided to use a giant flower instead of a giant tree. Also, to add more visual effects and fit it to the time frame to my video, I modified the concept again.
  • Now my character will now have magical powers. This will enable me to add more vfx.
  • The video will start with a gloomy environment ( idea came from concept refinement 1 & 2). This will make the storyline more interesting.

Final concept:

The video will start with a gloomy dark and monochrome forest. Then a fairy will come flying in with a strange green plant in her hand. She will put the plant on the soil and will cast a spell. This will turn the forest into a colorful one. The strange green plant will grow into a giant flower.

Vfx  that I will use:

  1. Smoke effects ( when the character will enter the scene).
  2. Glitter/Particle explosion ( the forest will metamorphose and the flower will grow).
  3. Spell casting effects( when the fairy will cast the spell).
  4. Disappearing to dust effect ( in the end when the character will disappear)

While working on the video I’ll add more effects,where required.

Other changes made:

Instead of using newspaper cut out to make my environment, I will make it on Photoshop.

Storyboard for refined concept:

20141029_17431020141029_174320 20141029_174338

I made a storyboard for the refined concept to help me in the realization of my final video.




These are the trials that I made for testing visual effects that I will use for my final video.

From the list of visual effects given on week 8, I chose the glitter explosion and wave effect. I chose to work on smoke effect as my third visual effect as I will not use the other effects from the list for my video. Here is a trial where I used this effect.

Glitter explosion effect

I used this effect to show the instant growth of my tree. I did two trial. Even if the effect is nice in the second on, the particles are too small and are sometimes invisible.

The third one is a trial that I did using a glitter deco tape and add effects available on after effects.The effect is nicer than the one in the previous videos but it lacks the explosion effect that there is in the first video.

Smoke effect

To test the smoke effect,I used the first scene of my animatic. The effect makes the scene more interesting however if the smoke moved more it will be nicer. When working on my final product I’ll make the smoke move more.

Ripple wave effect

I tried to add the wave effect in the metamorphosing tree scene. It add a nice effect to it but needs more work to make it look better.



Thess two video show how to make object float and fly. This will help me when making the scene where the seed flies.

This video shows how to create smoke effect. It is going to be helpful for the beginning of the video.

These 3 videos show how to create spell effect.

A tutorial on explosion creation on after effects. I can use this effect to show the immediate growth of the tree

This video talks about how to create minature effects.

This seems like an interesting effect to use for the magic scene in my video.

This is an effect that can be added to when the tree I growing. It will make the scene more interesting.

This video is shows how to animate characters using frame by frame image sequences. It shows how to make the animation more stable.

This is a video which shows how to use the puppet tool.This is going to be helpful when animating a still image.

A video which shows how to create the effect of growing vine. This will help when showing the effect of the growing plant.

In this video, we are shown how to use  mocha found on after effect which helps in tracking.

This video shows how to create an energy ball.


Video Production Planning

I have divided my video into 3 parts so that I can better plan the production process.

Here is my planner : Final video production planner