Here are some trials that I did:

Dancing figure

This is the first trial I did after doing my draft animatic. I made the figure on photoshop and add the movements on after effects. In this video I experimented with position and rotation. The movement can be made smoother, it will more interesting.

Flying bird

This is the animation of a flying bird made using image sequence.

Flying bird 2

This is the same flying bird but I made it move across the screen.

Moving Box

I did this after watching the tutorial. I think it will be interesting to make the characters move digitally because the action is smoother compared to a frame by frame sequence.

Green screening
This was my first trial with green screening.

Friborg, Mikkel. 2014. Lucky Town. blogspot: Mikkel Friborg.

Elegant light streaks
I think this effect will look nice to add to the growing tree.

This is also an effect that I think will fit in my story.


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