Power of Audio

In one of the lectures we had to listen to an audio of around 10 mins and say what we think was happening. While listening to the audio several images can to my mind but here is what I think is more relevant;

In the beginning, it seems like somebody is preparing for something dangerous. The atmosphere seems to be dark and cold. Then it appears that the main character is leaving the base. He seems to be walking in a forest or a path filled with dirt, branches and soil or sand. We can hear the person communicating with the base.After this there seems to be a moment filled with action and tension. I believe the security officers of the place the main character infiltrate saw him. The guards and the main character fight but he manage to get out of it . Then the scene changes.The character is walking in a corridor where there is water dripping ( maybe from the roof). At a junction another person is coming from the other direction. The main character hides and the other person pass near him without seeing him and gets into an elevator. The main character enters the room he was looking for. He is searching for something and then he opens heavy metal doors. We can hear the sea and people talking. The man continue his search. He then gets out after finding what he was looking for I believe because the music changes to a happier one compare to the one at the beginning. It seems like he stood on the beach for a some time and then returns to his base.


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