Here are some trials that I did:

Dancing figure

This is the first trial I did after doing my draft animatic. I made the figure on photoshop and add the movements on after effects. In this video I experimented with position and rotation. The movement can be made smoother, it will more interesting.

Flying bird

This is the animation of a flying bird made using image sequence.

Flying bird 2

This is the same flying bird but I made it move across the screen.

Moving Box

I did this after watching the tutorial. I think it will be interesting to make the characters move digitally because the action is smoother compared to a frame by frame sequence.

Green screening
This was my first trial with green screening.

Friborg, Mikkel. 2014. Lucky Town. blogspot: Mikkel Friborg.

Elegant light streaks
I think this effect will look nice to add to the growing tree.

This is also an effect that I think will fit in my story.



To be able to make my final video I need to learn specific techniques and how to manipulate after effects. For this I watched some tutorials.

1) This video talks about how to make a frame by frame animation on after effects. It gives details of how to adjust the frames to get a proper animation.

2)The second video is about how to move an object in the direction we want it to move. This will prevent us form having to take a lot of shots for the video.

3) When there will be the leap in time in my video, I want to create a smoke effect for that part so this video will learn how to create smoke effects.

4) This video is about how to add basic effects in after effects.

5) The particle dance seems like a nice effect to add when my tree is growing.

6)This is also an effect that will look nice when showing the tree growing.

7) This video is about green screening.

8)Particles also seems like a nice effect to add in the video. It can be used for the leap in time.

9) The particle ring effect that react with audio.

10) This video is about how to add miniature effect. It might be useful but I don’t know yet where I can use it.

11) Disappearing to dust seems like a nice effect to add at the end of video.

12) In this video we are shown how to use rotoscoping.

13) This is an interesting effect that can be used to show tree roots merging with roots.

14) This video shows how to create a video montage. It can help to communicate the story better, by having different frames telling different parts of the story.

15) In this video we are shown how to create movement in a still image.

16) This video shows how to fade music in and out in a video.It will make the video more interesting.

17) This video shows how to make a cinematic fade to our video.

18) Here we learn how to create a cinematic panning.

19) This video shows how to change scenes without disturbing viewers or making video look too rough.

Animatic (Final)

After the first trials with the animatic I got more used to the software application. I decided to recreate the scenes of my animatic in Photoshop and then add some effects on after effects. This way my story becomes clearer and I get more practice. I had a few problems while doing the animatic but manage to overcome them by re-trying several times.

Here’s the link to my final animatic.

For my final video I need to work more on the sound effects and add the scene where roots of the plant merges with the box because without it the story is not so clear. I think I need to do a final refinement of the concept,make it simpler so that I can spent more time on the scenes instead of only 1-2 seconds.Also,I think there needs to be a visual effect to show the leap in time( e.g. smoke effects).

Power of Audio

In one of the lectures we had to listen to an audio of around 10 mins and say what we think was happening. While listening to the audio several images can to my mind but here is what I think is more relevant;

In the beginning, it seems like somebody is preparing for something dangerous. The atmosphere seems to be dark and cold. Then it appears that the main character is leaving the base. He seems to be walking in a forest or a path filled with dirt, branches and soil or sand. We can hear the person communicating with the base.After this there seems to be a moment filled with action and tension. I believe the security officers of the place the main character infiltrate saw him. The guards and the main character fight but he manage to get out of it . Then the scene changes.The character is walking in a corridor where there is water dripping ( maybe from the roof). At a junction another person is coming from the other direction. The main character hides and the other person pass near him without seeing him and gets into an elevator. The main character enters the room he was looking for. He is searching for something and then he opens heavy metal doors. We can hear the sea and people talking. The man continue his search. He then gets out after finding what he was looking for I believe because the music changes to a happier one compare to the one at the beginning. It seems like he stood on the beach for a some time and then returns to his base.

Animatic (Draft)

This is my first trial with After Effects. For my first trial I tried doing a draft animatic without audio.

The YouTube link to my Animatic(Draft without Audio) is below:

As I found that the draft animatic does reflect what I want to tell in my story I add sound to the same animatic. More practice will be needed with the software to make a better final video.

This is the link to my Animatic(Draft with Audio):


Cartoon Fundamentals: How to draw a cartoon face correctly

As I am not used drawing cartoon I did a little research on cartoon drawing basics. I found the following tutorial,where we are explained how to draw cartoon faces. Examples of characters with different emotions and face positions are shown. This tutorial will help me in drawing my characters for my video.–vector-15792

Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Draw the Female Form

This tutorial shows how to draw the female form in cartoon. As my main character will be a girl, I find it very helpful. It will serve me as a guideline when I’ll be drawing my main characeter.–vector-22024

Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Draw Children

In the begin of my video, the main character will still be a little girl. This tutorial has helped me better understand the proportions required in drawing a child in cartoon. This way I’ll be able to produce a better drawing.–cms-21954

Cartoon Fundamentals: Create Emotions From Simple Changes in the Face

This tutorial has helped me understand the changes that need to be made to create emotions in cartoon faces. As there will be no dialogues in my video, the changes in expression will be important to narrate the story.–vector-16278


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