Concept Refinement

I chose to work on Idea 3 as I found the story more captivating than the other 2. However, I thought that the story missed something, So I decided to work on the story-line again to make a more interesting story. Here are some more ideas that I came up with using a similar story-line:

1) The world is sick. The cutting down of trees has hugely affected it. The air is no more breathable and oceans are now grey. In a far away land, a little girl finds an old, wrinkled and ugly seed in her grandmother’s boxes. She plants the seed. When a seedling comes out she spends most of her time  caring for it.  The seedling grows stronger and bigger everyday. With the growth of this tree, hope that the world can get better, starts to build up in everybody’s hearts.

2) When she finds an old ugly seed, a little girl decides to plant.Nobody thinks that it will grow , as it is almost a hundred years   old and soils have been barren for years now because of pollution. But the seed starts to germinate and with the care and protection of the little girl ,the plant becomes bigger and stronger. Seeing this miracle, all the inhabitant of the town starts to take care of the tree and it becomes so big that it covers the town , which protects the it from harmful gases in the atmosphere.

3) While sitting with her mom in the kitchen, a little girl finds a seed on the table. Like every little ones, she starts to put the seed in her mouth. Fortunately her mom stop her right in time. They, then go out to plant the seed. However, after a heavy rain which flooded their garden, the little girl and her mom loose all hope of the plant growing. But the plant starts to grow and they start to take care of it. The plant is then shown all grown up with the girl,  who is now a teenager, sitting on the branches and eating the tree’s fruit.

4) While eating a strange fruit, a girl throws the seed on the soil, not thinking that it will germinate. But the next day when she wakes up, she finds her house on a huge branch a long distance from the ground. The seed has grown over night in a giant tree and has lift her house up in the process.

5)As part of an old family tradition, every member of  a family places a memory of himself/herself , together with a few family photos  in a box  and buries it in the yard. Afterwards they plant a tiny plant in the same place.  Several years later the plant has become a beautiful tree but instead of having fruits,the tree has photos of the family at different moments of their life.

6) A little girl finds an old coin in her mom’s wardrobe. Confused by its appearance, the little girl takes the coin for a seed and plants it. Years later in the spot, a tree has grown. However, instead of having fruits, tree bears gold coins.

I find all the ideas interesting but the fifth one is the one I prefer as it is not very common. I will continue working on the idea by drawing its storyboard and do further development on the storyboard.


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