Searching for inspiration


CGI Animated Short HD: “Runaway” by Susan Yung, Emily Buchanan and Esther Parobek

The storyline is really nice and simple. I have a maximum of 30s to make a video; therefore, my storyline too should be really simple, similar to this one.

Les parents

Time: 0.47-1.10s.

This part of the video is a good example of compositing. It blends line art and real life characters. I think techniques like vfx , green screen and stop motion were used to make it. It would be an interesting concept to explore.

Alice in Wonderland

In this video most of the techniques, I have learnt about, seem to have been used. I like the way the proportions of the characters have been manipulated. I would like to try this while developing my concept. The environment pictured in the movie, also, fascinating. It captivates the viewer’s attention.

ParaNorman Feaurette: Faces of Paranorman

This video has nothing to do with compositing but I found it very interesting. We are shown how puppets for animation movies are made. As I would like to use puppets in my own video, it help me figure out how I could create my puppets.

Things That Look Cool Backwards

Making things appear to work backwards is really captivating. It can be included in one of my concepts.


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