1. A clay car comes out of a mobile. It drives around on a working desk, where an employee is sleeping. The car enters the computer screen. It is shown driving away on the highway, while transforming into a real car.
  2. After experiencing a disturbance a plane crashes on a strange island. There, the passengers meet with the locals, who turn out to out to be cartoon characters. Thinking that the locals want to help them, the passengers follow them to their village. However, when they reach there, the passengers discover that the locals saw them as meal instead as friends.
  3. The growth a baby girl and a seed will be shown in stop motion. The baby girl plants an ugly looking seed. The seed becomes a seedling then turns into a weak plant that the girl, now bigger, is protecting. Afterward the little plant grows into a beautiful giant tree. The girl also is all grown up. She is pictured hiding under the tree, while it rains.
  4. During a math class, all the students are agitated as they are not able to solve the complicated equation. Suddenly the scene freezes. Only one student is moving. He sees the numbers on the board moving. Then, he sees the answer appear on the board. The class returns back to normal.
  5. A fish from a really small aquarium is released in the river. The fish flows with the current and discovers different environment, from huge towns to small villages. The whole scene will be portrait on slate and chalk drawing. Finally a clay fish will jump in a river.

My favorite concepts are numbers 1, 3 and 5. I’ll make storyboards for the three of them, to see which idea will be easier to communicate in 10-30s, before continuing with my development.


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